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Flexible Structure and ADHD (ASL video)

Anyone with ADHD knows that creating systems of structure can be really challenging. This includes setting up a schedule throughout the day, following routines, etc. At the same time not having any structure can pose its own challenges.

In this ASL video, I propose an alternative which is flexible structure. Basically that means creating some type of general categories for routines and schedules, but then having flexibility within those times to add variety. A lot of people with ADHD need that ability to change and have variety within their day.

This can look like setting aside a time to get ready for the day and get into work mode. During that time, one day you may light a candle, another day you might go for a walk, and another day you might start with your to-do list.

There are ways that we can work with our ADHD brains to create structure that actually does work for us. If you need help, feel free to contact me for one-on-one support.

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