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Rainbow Chrysalis Coaching, LLC
Unmask your power

Compassionate Coaching for neurodivergent, 

transgender, and questioning individuals.


Services offered in English and ASL.


About me


 Rainbow (Bowie) Winnike 
they /them

Welcome to Rainbow Chrysalis Coaching. I'm Rainbow Winnike (they/them), dedicated to supporting other neurodivergent and trans individuals. Whether you’re navigating life with neurodivergence (including ADHD, autism, dyslexia, questioning, and more) or exploring your gender identity, I’m here to guide you with creative and personalized coaching.

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Gender doula: Support through gender exploration, coming out, and transitioning processes.

Neurodivergent coaching: Practical strategies to manage daily life, work, or school, and maintain sensory health.

Family coaching: Guidance and support for families supporting their trans child. Helping to foster understanding, acceptance, and a supportive home environment.


Past offers have included: 

Staying True to Yourself for NeuroQueers

Restorative Rest Practices for NeuroQueers

Trans Day of Visibility Grieving Ritual

Cleaning with Compassion

GENDERPLAY, a playful exploration of gender expression 


Businesses: Support creating workplaces that are accessible and welcoming to transgender and neurodivergent staff. ADHD and neurodivergent coaching for staff members.

Helping professions: 1:1 support for therapists, coaches, and medical professionals looking to increase their competence working with trans and neurodivergent people.



"Bowie leads with a contagious, playful, curiosity that inspires me to explore my own expression. They are able to hold serious topics and also find a sense of adventure and possibility when needed."


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