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Rainbow Winnike
MSW (they/them)

Hi I am Rainbow, (Bowie for short, pronouns: they/them)


I am trans, AuDHD (autistic and ADHD), nonbinary, queer, and an animistic witch, but I didn’t start out identifying that way! 


In fact, I started out with a conservative Catholic upbringing where I wasn’t exposed to any of these identities. I have been on a long journey of learning, self-acceptance, and spiritual practice.


During that journey, I got my masters in Social Work and learned disability justice at Gallaudet, a Deaf university. I moved through various jobs as an art teacher, an ASL interpreter, a sex educator, a mental health service provider for 2SLGBTQIA+ and domestic violence survivors.  


Along the way, community members would come to me for guidance about gender transition, coming out as queer, and neurodivergent support. 


I would naturally find myself in conversations with people who would share things that they had never told anyone before. It felt affirming to know that my life experience could help someone else know they are not alone. 


Years later, those same people would tell me how our conversations helped them to get things done and to explore their gender. This felt like my calling in life, but I was still figuring out what shape my work would take. 


And then the pandemic hit. I watched as people were coming into their gender and neurodivergence like I had never seen before.


I answered the call by starting Rainbow Chrysalis Coaching. Now, I have the sacred honor of working alongside other NeuroQueers (neurodivergent and queer people) who are uncovering their power, helping them gently come back to themselves.

If you are interested in working together, click the services tab at the top of the screen to learn more!


My services are informed by my lived experience, research, communal wisdom, activist engagement, and professional work.



Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Gallaudet University where I focused on researching trauma informed practices, disability justice, 2SLGBTQIA+ needs, and Neurodivergent wellness.

BFA in Art Education from the University of Dayton, where I studied how to teach in accessible ways and how to use art as a form of self expression. 

Some of the many trainings I have done over the years:

  • Sensory Academy with The Sensory Therapist

  • Managing and Adapting Practices - evidence informed mental health practices*

  • Play Therapy course*

  • Deep Liberation Energy Body Clearing

  • Protection Magic with The Moon Studio

  • Elemental Intuition with The Moon Studio

  • White People Confronting Racism

  • Understanding and Analyzing Systemic Racism

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Conflict Resolution Mediator Training

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Sex Educator Training with The Pleasure Chest

  • Trans Educator Training

  • Uncommon hypnosis

*Even though I was trained in clinical therapeutic techniques, I am not licenced to provide therapy at this time. My services are not a replacement for work with a licenced mental health provider. 

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