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Work with me through:

Coaching sessions

Professional consultation

Events and courses

In my work, I guide you back to your own sources of knowledge and, when needed, I bring in information I have learned through my studies and experiences. Depending on your unique needs, I may offer practical support, somatic parts work, ritual, and/or tarot guidance.

Services offered in English and American Sign Language (ASL)

Read below for more information

A 50 minute zoom call

(In person meetings may be available to those in Long Beach)

My full fee is $125 each call.

Image by Jakob Owens

For Neurodivergent Individuals (ADHD, Autistic, Dyslexia, Questioning, and more)

Get help managing daily tasks

Learn practical strategies for minimizing sensory overload and building capacity

Find balance in navigating different forms of neurodivergence (Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and more)

Image by Meritt Thomas

For Trans, Nonbinary, Gender Expansive, and Gender Questioning People

Get support in exploring gender identity in a nonjudgemental space

Identify practical strategies for coming out to others 

Navigate social environments with more confidence

Get help mapping out transition goals and steps

Weaving Pattern

For Families with a Trans Child or Family Member

​Receive guidance supporting your trans child, navigating family dynamics, and fostering acceptance

Learn strategies to create an affirming home environment


Get clear on what your options are and how to make choices that align with your values

2. Consulting

To discuss consulting opportunities:

click here to email me

For businesses

Get support creating workplaces that are accessible and welcoming to transgender and neurodivergent staff.


Provide ADHD and neurodivergent coaching for staff members.

For helping professionals

(Including therapists, coaches, and medical professionals.)

Get one on one support to increase your competence working with trans and neurodivergent people.

3. Events and courses

For more information about events, courses, and recordings for purchase, visit the events page, here

Contact me: 

If you have any questions about my services, please contact me! 

You can also email me directly at

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