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Neurodivergent intuition

For those of us who are highly sensitive, that sensitivity can include intuition and connection to the unseen. Yet, it can require some practice to discern what messages are true intuition and what messages are culturally constructed fears.

It can be challenging to learn how to trust our intuition when we have grown up in a culture that gaslights us and tells us to ignore our needs and boundaries. If you struggle with listening to your intuition, it's not that your intuition is broken, you just need to learn how to build trust with it again, one step at a time.

One way to differentiate is that intuition often arises from a deep place of compassion and calm. Fearful thoughts often come with physical tightening and an attempt to control or know everything. This also may look like "worst case scenario" thinking.

For Neurodivergent people, learning how to listen to our body's needs and asserting our physical and sensory boundaries can help us deepen into intuition. Each baby step matters! As we grow our ability to tend and soothe our nervous system, our ability to trust our Neurodivergent intuition grows. Energetic boundaries and hygiene can also be very helpful with this.

Want to learn more? Join me and Kelley Harrell on July 22nd 2023 for our workshop Neurodivergence Affirming Spiritual Practices. Click image below to register:

Neurodivergence affirming spiritual practices with rainbow and kelley 22 july 2023. Text on a colorful background with pictures of the presenters, spirals, stars, and butterflies.

*Shout out to Sarah at The Moon Studio for helping me to clarify my understanding of fear vs intuition.

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